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About us

After travelling a long path from small family start up in the beginning of 2012 to a major international company with our own factory we have changed our views on the toys manufacturing process.

We believe that toys must provide children with high educational value and, at the same time, be engaging to play. Education during play and play during education - that's how easy and fun it is.

Lucy & Leo in numbers

Factory size

9 000 m2







Great materials

In production we use only natural, imported materials certified in accordance with European and American standards. We pay close attention to health and development of children, so we strictly select only the safest components:


We use Romanian beech and Russian plywood. The materials are treated to a smooth surface, and have a beautiful texture.

Water based paint

German water-based paints are completely safe for the child and do not harm the environment. And they are very persistent.

Organic glue

Organic glue made on a natural basis. It is safe and odorless.

Linen 100%

We use linen fabric to make bags, laces, and other textile parts for our toys.

Brand growth

We can and know how to produce excellent toys and trust of thousands of parents across the world is the best appraisal of our work. On average, this is the number of our toys bought per month: