Board Game Caterpillars
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Board Game Caterpillars

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Mischievous caterpillars started playing hide and seek! Find and catch them together with your toddler using a magic wand with a magnet. You can adjust the level of difficulty of the game: -Using only a wooden base-stand and caterpillars, it is possible to develop fine motor skills of the child’s hands; -Adding colorful cards from the kit, the child can learn colors by arranging bright wooden caterpillars in their colored “houses”; -For the nimblest: unfold the caterpillars and fix green shutters with wooden parts. Try to catch all the mischievous caterpillars by moving the shutters! The game is also useful for developing logical thinking and creativity. All components of the game are made from natural materials and are completely safe for children. The toy is stored in a beautiful package so that your little ones will enjoy the gift even more! In the set: A wooden base board, 10 colorful caterpillar pieces, 7 colored cards with a drawing, a magic wand with a magnetic tip. Suitable for toddlers aged 3+!
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