Lucy & Leo: #1 Montessori Brand For Wooden Toys.
Lucy&Leo Anti-Gadgets
Manufacturer & brand of Montessori educational toys

#1 Montessori Brand for Wooden toys

Lucy&Leo Anti-Gadget Wooden Toys

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Why is a tablet or a smartphone not good for a child??

Why is a tablet or a smartphone not good for a child?

A tablet is not enough for the development of a child's thinking and imagination — it does not engage all the senses
Smartphone games fail to develop spatial thinking
Children's sense of vision deteriorates
Video games are not conducive to the development of imagination in children
Gadget games make children nervous and aggressive
Children don't want to read

Lucy&Leo Wooden Montessori Educational Toys

“The ability to feel and perceive the external world, as well as to distinguish objects depending on their qualities are the basis for the development of a child's thinking.”
M. Montessori, a world-renowned teacher and child psychologist.

Benefits of Lucy&Leo wooden anti-gadget toys

Lucy&Leo wooden anti-gadget toys are designed to truly give your child all-round development.

Perfectly develop logic. Train memory and cognitive abilities. Teach communication skills.
Physical development
Develop fine motor skills and musculoskeletal system. Develop hand-eye coordination and spatial thinking.
Aesthetic education
Give the skills necessary for elementary school, as well as understanding of shapes and colors. Develop creativity and imagination.

To play and NOT to play enough!

Children do not get bored with Lucy&Leo toys for a long time — they are specially designed so that a child would like to return to them again and again. To come up with new activities, new games, and just to twirl them in his or her hands. These are not those typical bright plastic toys that make a child get bored as quickly as balloons deflate.

And the high quality of their production guarantees a long service life for Lucy&Leo toys: once the older children have played enough, the toys will be inherited by the younger ones...

The right materials for tactile learning

The materials of Lucy&Leo toys are beechwood and rubberwood (Hevea). The texture of these species of wood gives the most pleasant and right tactile sensations.
Linen fabric is not only pleasant to the touch, but also hypoallergenic.
The safest water-based varnishes and paints are odorless; they do not cause any reactions; children can even gnaw them.
Lucy&Leo toys are absolutely harmless for children — this is confirmed by European safety and quality certificates.

It's interesting for adults and children.
Let's the whole family play!

Designers, production engineers and professional child psychologists jointly come up with Lucy&Leo toys to make them as fun and useful as possible. This is not just a “bright rattle for five minutes,” but an addictive activity — a child doesn't want to let go!

It is really fun for adults and children to play. Anti-gadget toys for PARENTS! They would make fathers get distracted from their gadgets and play with their kids
Distract and quickly calm an overexcited child before bed
Keep the children busy on a long ride

Lucy&Leo is No. 1 wooden toys in Russia & China since 2012

Lucy&Leo is a TOP-5 European brand of wooden toys. Designed by designers from Spain and France.

Every month we sell tens of thousands of toys both in Europe and in Russia. The trust of thousands of parents around the world is the best recognition of the quality of our toys! We have all the required European safety and quality certificates.

Lucy&Leo is the undisputed leader of the Russian wooden toy market — like LEGO among erector sets, only in the segment of wooden educational toys.
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